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A common goal

A common goal

For the work to make sense, both parties have to share the same goal. It’s no different in this case. We also want the casino we are working on to be the best possible solution on the market, and we want the world to hear about it as soon as possible. Our solutions build our reputation, which is why we approach each task individually, and where other providers consider their work finished – we continue to work even harder.

We’re here to help

Pushing the solution to the production server is not a goal itself. We support the entire casino development process, including its technical or geographical scaling. All of this is conducted from the very beginning, during the development process all the way through functional tests, launch and everyday functioning. 

The main features of our Client support activities include: 

  • BA – support when defining the Client’s real business needs  
  • Technical and business consulting – if our Clients would like to discuss specific licensing options with us, or to adapt platform elements to specific licensing requirements  
  • Marketing support – we optimize casinos as early as during the UI stage, which means that when our solution enters the market, it already has better chances than most other available casinos 
  • Platform support and maintenance – ensuring platform stability and security. When you sign an SLA with us, we clearly define monitoring obligations, reaction times and the reporting method 

We all love it when a plan comes together

The last piece of the puzzle to make sure everything is on time is correct planning. By using an internal designing system, you get full access to our work, with a division into sprints, and small sprint milestones defined as the implementation of specific elements and functionalities. 

You have access to the testing environment at all times, where you can conduct tests and follow project progress. 

Looking for a talented group of developers? Contact us.

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