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    Top 10 factors that make online casino games popular

    Top 10 factors that make online casino games popular

    Games of chance have always been a part of human life in many societies, even in those regions where governments impose strict limitations on this form of entertainment. With the internet becoming more accessible to everyone thanks to cheaper tech, better connection speeds and a wide range of affordable smartphones, iGaming continues to expand, often despite the economic struggles that plague many countries these days. In today’s article, we provide the top 10 most important factors that contribute to the success of casino games, with some qualities unique to iGaming and others universal across both electronic and traditional formats.

    Accessibility and comfort

    In the digital age, the biggest casinos are at your fingertips. You can now access the largest iGaming platforms through a smartphone app, a laptop, a desktop PC, a tablet, or even a Smart TV. Playing a favorite game no longer requires a trip to a traditional casino, and though not everyone has a laptop these days, smartphones are far more common – according to one research from 2019, 53% of total web traffic originates from mobile users. Indeed, you can have your casino travel alongside you when you go on a trip because you can access it through your mobile device whenever internet connection becomes available and provided there is no regional block imposed on the casino of your choice.

    Accessibility is not just about being portable. Good casino apps and platforms need to adapt to all kinds of screen sizes. Needless clutter must be skillfully hidden and every button needs to scale appropriately so the players do not struggle with basic navigation. UI and UX design is art in itself and if neglected, the platform has very little chance of success. Languages are also important. Many people in the world that play for money speak only their native language and iGaming sites that provide entertainmen in multiple languages have an edge over their competition.

    There’s always something new to try

    Stagnation kills online platforms and dissolves online communities. Websites and apps that hemorrhage users usually see them migrating to competitive services where there is something going on. To maintain player interest and stay competitive, iGaming has to continuously provide reasons to come back to the platform. This is achieved in a number of ways, including:

    • Special events – seasonal celebrations, special offers, tournaments, championships, discounts
    • New products – an expanding portfolio of games sends a signal that the platform constantly evolves and attempts to cater to different tastes
    • News and blog entries – keeping players in the loop about what’s going on on the platform and providing interesting, well-researched articles are two important ways of stimulating user interest

    Casino games can be a social or individual experience

    iGaming has something to offer to both those who treat gaming as a social activity as well as people who prefer to enjoy this form of entertainment individually. Therefore, it’s important to provide both types of experience in the platform’s portfolio. Community building can be performed in a number of ways. If they want to, players can interact with each other through a dedicated chat functionality integrated with the website or app and form friends lists or groups. Some platforms take advantage of elements of gamification – players create their profiles, gain experience, achievements and badges through their interaction with the platform as time goes by. The statistics can then be used to fill player leaderboards. All of this increases the atmosphere of friendly competition, which is an inseparable part of gaming – after all, even if you play solo you still compete against the casino.

    Make it affordable… but make it big too

    Different scale for different tastes. Not every game should require huge bids. There is a reason why the popular lotto games are popular throughout the globe – they are easily accessible for most people thanks to the relatively low cost of entry. The perspective of huge winnings, often trumpeted even on TV, is enough to encourage people. Of course, this also means the probability of winning is very low, but that doesn’t stop thousands of people from trying.

    That said, huge stakes help gather traffic, especially if there is an option to stream the game live (which is very popular for poker for example). An important tournament with a lot of money on the line will not only send a signal to players who engage professionally in such games, but will also contribute to attracting users to the platform that organizes such events. Regardless of whether they just pop in for a single game or become regular visitors, it’s still a situation that benefits the platform in general. One of the most difficult aspects of managing an iGaming platform is increasing its reach, and one of the best methods is a player-to-player recommendation that creates a cascade effect.

    Easy or complex – depending on preferences

    Some people like complex games that combine strategy with luck and nerves of steel. The kind of games where you have to study the other players, control your emotions and facial expression, think how much to bet, and whether to push your luck or withdraw. For such players, what happens at the table is more than just an entertaining game, it’s a battle of wits with a strong sense of competition. Other players enjoy a simpler form of entertainment, e.g., a slot machine, or a different game that does not require much thinking and is purely based on luck. That’s perfectly fine. Across centuries, many different casino games have evolved with varying degrees of complexity, and a good online platform will provide the right challenge for every taste.

    Huge variety in one place

    Variety has been a recurring theme in this article, but since it touches on so many aspects, a separate paragraph is in order. The first steps for online casinos are often the most difficult ones. It is a challenge to compete with well-established brands in almost any industry, but it’s a different level of struggle for iGaming, which is why it is so important to provide different forms of entertainment from the get-go. Online casinos and other iGaming platforms expand with time through the addition of new games, game types and functionalities, but there has to be a strong and varied core experience ready for the initial launch. A good variety of slots is a start, but all platforms have them, so there should be something more – roulette, bingo, craps, or any of the most popular card games like blackjack or poker. As most successful online casinos are dynamic in nature, a bit of foresight is essential – the platform has to be built in a way that enables quick and painless scaling in the future, as well as easy updates to existing systems. Legal matters in the gaming environment may change, so this ability to adapt is crucial.

    A variety of different payment options

    Payment providers spoil us with increasingly varied payment options. Online casinos should take full advantage of the possibilities. Different people prefer different ways of paying for their services for a number of reasons ranging from security and comfort to anonymity and speed. Credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, crypto – they all come with their distinct benefits. Custom, platform-specific currency is also an option. However, the main reason a casino should provide as many reliable options as possible is that players have different means available. Not everyone uses PayPal and even fewer people have any Bitcoins or Ethereum, quality over quantity though. If an error or an “infinite” loading circle appears during payment processing, this might as well be the beginning of the end of the platform altogether. The word about the instability of the system may spread like wildfire among players, and platform traffic will plummet.

    Safe and secure

    Every business should prioritize the safety of their clients’ activity, if not out of sheer decency, then because it’s about the safety of the business too. The attitude should be to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Secure protocols, data encryption, SSL certificates, truasted game providers – these and more should be in place on any platform that aims for long-term success and player comfort. High-quality customer service is also important. Good communication between the platform and its users is key. A variety of contact methods should be available, for example, a ticketing system, live chat, or contact form. Reaction time has to be as short as possible. This means maintenance costs go up, but many owners consider the expense a worthy investment that players appreciate.

    Life changing wins

    A jackpot is every player’s dream. It’s the single most important factor for most that play for money. It is up to the casino to highlight the possibility of huge prizes to their audiences. Hardly anything can be comparably enticing. There are a number of well-known stories of players who turned a few bucks into a multi-million fortune. With just a single spin, a British army soldier, Jon Heywood, won over 13 million British pounds. Rawiri Pou, a young man from New Zealand, scored a huge prize of over 10 million USD. These are just the two popular cases. Any casino can highlight the prizes acquired by their successful players through leaderboards and posts, with discretion regarding player data of course. Such announcements will serve as a confirmation for players that winning is indeed possible, and it’s one of the best marketing options on the table.

    A variety of bonuses

    It’s always nice to be able to start strong, and many online casinos offer just that. An attractive welcome bonus is something all experienced players expect, while new ones are often surprised by the special offer, which might just be attractive enough to convince them to at least try. However, for the platform to remain compelling, more bonuses should be waiting for the players on the horizon. Common possibilities include free spins, a small portion of custom currency, seasonal events with special offers and conditions, as well as a premium membership program. This last option should come with particularly attractive rewards received on a monthly basis.

    Successful and profiting iGaming platforms focus not only on providing quality games, but an overall stellar experience throughout the entirety of player interaction with the website or app. If you’re considering setting up your own iGaming business, or taking your existing one to a new level, do not hesitate to contact us.

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