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Q1 2024 Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria 

Understand the success behind top casinos in Africa


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    iGaming Success Stories

    iGaming Success Stories

    Online Casinos in South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya.  The Best Regions Activating iGaming Players Worldwide 

     Africa is identified as one of the key markets where iGaming is flourishing. South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya are central locations where iGaming is already very strong. Online casinos are increasingly expanding their fan base and sharing their popularity with betting platforms, or even developing within betting platforms. 

    This report will give you an idea of how to win against the competition and attract the most players in the trillion-dollar market. In this report, we focus on analyzing specific online casinos, making hypotheses, and uncovering the secrets of their success. All based on external, commercial analytical tools, the report provides not only reliable data but also their interpretations for business strategies.

    The document is divided into 3 meticulously planned sections and is based on the analysis of 5 online casinos operating in the respective markets (South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya) with the highest organic local traffic in the first quarter of 2024.  The main goal of the report is to interpret the visibility data on the internet and its correlation with actual player acquisition.  Each region is discussed separately but based on the same methodology and data architecture, which looks as follows: 

    The Big Five at a glance

    • Overview & perspectives  
    • Local brand strength and penetration 
    • User’s engagement 
    • Keyword analysis 

    Main conclusions:

    Despite SEO optimization at a very high level, casinos are still rated at 50 out of 100 in reports indicating player experiences.  45-55% of organic traffic comes from thematically related websites focused on iGaming and betting.  The strength of the brand and the association of the casino brand with trending games are the main sources of organic traffic.
    The first market report analyzing the visibility of online casinos on the Internet will be available on 08.05. 2024


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