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    5 most common functionalities in e-casinos

    5 most common functionalities in e-casinos

    It goes without saying that the Internet has made playing casino games easier than ever. At the same time, the selection of online casino games is truly enormous, with thousands of websites worldwide available to play in, and new ones popping up every day. You have a vast number of options literally at your fingertips – it’s good to know what to look for when picking the right place. What features should casino games online offer?

    Solid security is essential

    First of all, we simply have to mention probably the most vital aspect of playing casino online games: security. What makes it so crucial? When you’re playing all the various games, the casino has to process your payments and withdrawals, and in most countries the website also has to have access to your basic personal information. All this data is potentially very valuable to hackers – it’s recommended to thoroughly check the security details before playing any online gamesCasino security is a huge topic, with a lot of rules providers have to follow.

    How to verify if the site you’re using to play on-line casino games is safe? Having an SSL certificate is an absolute necessity – if the website’s URL starts with ‘https://’ and your browser shows a locked padlock next to the address bar, you’re good to go. Otherwise, it would be best to avoid putting any personal data, as it can travel through the Internet unencrypted, making it easy to intercept by hackers. Apart from SSL, there are many other certificates proving how safe a site is. A reputable, white-hat gaming casino should publish them directly on the website, making it possible for the players to check what kind of protocols’ requirements they meet.

    Variety of casino games

    Some players stick to a couple of tried-and-true casino games, and others prefer to explore new options all the time – depending on what you’re looking for, the number of games to choose from can make or break an online casino games offering. Blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat and other most popular casino table games are practically a requirement, but they’re far from the only ones available over the Internet. The best online casino games providers offer literally hundreds of ways to play. Before signing up, check out the list of available games – even if you prefer to keep playing your set of favourites, it’s good to have the option to explore new proposals.

    An especially diverse part of the world of casino games are the slots: despite the general idea being as simple as can be, there are tons of variants to choose from. The best casino games of that type feature primarily a high RTP (return-to-player) percentage, which defines how much of your bet you’re statistically expected to get back. It can go up to as high as 99% – you can find rankings on online casino games comparison websites to find out which ones are worth playing.

    Gaming licence

    gaming licence is a must for all casinos operating both online and in physical establishments. You should completely avoid websites that can’t prove they meet the legal conditions needed to get such documents. The gaming licence requirements cover verifying the identity of the casino games provider, making sure that the payments and deposits are processed correctly, and checking the reputation, bank records and credit history of a given company. Casinos with a licence are sometimes called white-hat gaming sites.

    All white-hat gaming casinos should be a good place to play in. If you can’t find any information about the gaming licence on the website, you should definitely start looking for another provider. Otherwise, you risk losing both your money and personal data – without the legal protection, there’s often no way of getting them back. A white-hat gaming casino is the right choice. In some cases, the specific website might not have a fully-fledged licence of their own, but instead operate using a sublicence offered by their casino API provider. In the end, whether the authorization is granted for a particular casino or all casinos using the same provider, it doesn’t make much difference for the player: you can play safely either way.

    Attractive welcome bonus

    The rewards for long-term players, as well as the bonuses for new ones, are some of the most important details when picking the right online casino games. Practically every website of that kind provides some incentives to make the bettors more interested in signing up and depositing money. The welcome bonuses come in many forms – matching your initial deposit, providing free bets, boosting your bankroll are the most common examples.

    Online casinos constantly try to outdo each other when providing special offers to players. You should have a lot of interesting options to select from – take a moment to check out promotions available on a couple of different websites, as well as the rules of using bonuses. There is often a requirement to ‘spend’ the additional money two or three times before being able to withdraw it, but the specifics can vary between casino games websites.

    Bankroll options

    Not every player has a vast amount of money to place bets, and one of the goals of online casino games is to make the fun available for everyone, no matter the specifics of their financial situation. The best online casinos should offer a huge range of denominations, starting from the smallest stakes like a single euro or a single dollar. They should also go up as high as possible to cover the needs of true high-rollers. Before picking the casino games online, verify if you’ll be able to play using the stakes you’re fully comfortable with.

    The withdrawal and deposit conditions are a related matter, which is also hugely important. There’s no point using a casino that makes you wait for a long time before either playing or collecting your winning, when there are websites available that will process your transfers instantly. Find out how the casino you’re interested in handles payment processing and what are the typical wait times – you can do so by either reading customer reviews or consulting the websites of payment providers.

    Withdrawal and deposit methods

    When playing online casino games, you should be able to comfortably transfer money both ways – when funding your gaming account and when getting your winnings back to your wallet. A good casino will offer a high number of options to choose from in this aspect. Traditional bank transfers, credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, online wallets, e-payment websites, maybe even cryptocurrencies – depending on your needs, you should check which methods are supported first. The payments and deposits should also be fully secured to avoid any problems when transferring money.

    Customer support

    Sometimes, when playing casino games online, you’ll run into some technical problems or issues affecting the website. In such situations, it’s good to know that you have access to a professional support team. It’s especially important to be able to get help when the problems are related to deposits and withdrawals. While a FAQ section on the casino website is very useful, in critical cases it won’t be reachable, so you should also check if there’s a customer helpline or support email available. It can prove to be a huge help in the case of a major failure – those are, however, pretty rare with casinos using solid servers and decent software providers.

    The option to play online casino games on mobile

    A growing number of bettors prefers to use their mobile devices to play. It’s a very convenient way to game – after all, you usually have your smartphone with you everywhere. If you want to use online casino games on the bus, during work breaks, or maybe just when relaxing at your local park, it’s a good idea to pick the websites with a good mobile experience. Some casinos even offer their dedicated apps, which should make gaming on the smartphone even more comfortable. Sometimes the offering can be a bit limited on mobile, so you will also have to check if all the casino games you’re interested in are available when using your device of choice.

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