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    How to grow your online casino business

    How to grow your online casino business

    Growing an online casino business can be challenging due to intense competition, legal restrictions, and internal factors that can silently hinder your online casino’s profitability. In fact, 83% of online businesses face these internal issues daily.

    By reading this article, you will learn:

    How to identify silent “blockers” in your online casino – UX audit and online casino audit

    How to increase player retention in just 4 weeks – online casino guide

    How to leverage the existing potential of your online casino – online casino promotion ideas

    How your competitors are growing – online casino tips

    Preparation and initial steps for your online casino business

    Did you know that more than 80% of users get frustrated when they can’t easily navigate a site, and nearly half leave because the platform annoys them? These are the silent revenue destroyers. To uncover what’s causing this, you should review the 50 common areas in iGaming platforms, including:

    • Performance issues related to code quality, architecture, communication, and database management.
    • Security standards – Is your casino vulnerable to the OWASP top 10 threats?
    • Internal standards – Have you tested and confirmed the efficiency of your data backup and recovery procedures?
    • Server infrastructure – Is it cost-effective?
    • Responsiveness and compatibility – Are your functionalities accessible on mobile devices?

    More about websites statistics you can find here!

    Implementation and reporting – online casino tips

    The next step is a mystery shopper test and a UX audit to identify barriers preventing players from completing the registration process or making their first deposit. For more information, read our article on UX fundamentals.

    Another crucial element is brand security. Ensure that your platform’s perceived quality matches reality. Verify that elements designed to attract players are visible and effective.

    Identifying and initially implementing solutions from the points above will increase player retention and engagement.

    You must remember that these steps are the industry standard. Implementing these elements will put you on par with your competition, but the following steps will make players choose your online casino and recommend it to others.

    Real money is waiting!

    Once the barriers are known and managed, you can move to the next stage, focusing on player satisfaction improvements, such as:

    • A UI audit to optimize player onboarding using your site’s full potential.
    • Enhancing UX in key player processes.
    • Automated or semi-automated monitoring to quickly identify weak points in your online casino.

    The final step in growing your casino is focusing on the unique value you provide to players. It’s time to end the era of treating all players the same. Implementing a personalized recommendation engine and a data-driven marketing and content strategy will not only encourage players to return but also turn them into loyal micro-influencers who share their positive experiences with others.

    We know this seems complex, which is why we’ve developed the PlayUP program, based on our work with over 10 casino brands. This program organizes all these elements into a logical sequence and guarantees tangible results.

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