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    How BetConstruct’s bug could’ve been prevented

    How BetConstruct’s bug could’ve been prevented

    BetConstruct, a leading casino betting and iGaming software provider, recently experienced a significant system failure that disrupted the operations of several betting operators. The technical difficulties began unexpectedly on Thursday, February 15th, causing widespread complications for operators and their customers.  

    System failure and its duration 

    On Thursday, February 15th, BetConstruct’s platform suddenly became inoperable, leaving betting operators unable to update pre-match odds and offer live betting options. This disruption caused a significant outcry from bettors who experienced issues such as:

    • disappearing gaming accounts,
    • bonuses,
    • credited sums.

    The interruption in the flow of bets alarmed and inconvenienced operators who relied on BetConstruct’s software solutions. 

    Initially, BetConstruct published a notice promising a resolution within 6-7 hours, as their team had identified the root cause of the problem and was collaborating with Microsoft, the infrastructure provider. The glitch disrupted crucial operations, including the updating of pre-match odds and live betting options, adversely impacting the revenue streams of the affected operators during a critical betting period. 

    Other companies under stress 

    The system failure experienced by BetConstruct’s software provider not only affected the company itself but also had a significant impact on other operators relying on its solutions. Various betting operators in Poland were particularly affected by the technical glitches, amplifying the stress and inconvenience caused by the failure. 

    The repercussions of this incident reverberated throughout the betting industry, highlighting the need for technical resilience and reliability. It exposed the challenges and complexities inherent in the digital infrastructure that underpins modern betting operations. The incident served as a wake-up call for operators to reassess their reliance on third-party providers and consider the benefits of implementing their own custom-made systems. 

    The importance of custom-made systems & SLA services 

    In light of the BetConstruct incident, it is crucial for betting operators to evaluate their reliance on third-party providers and consider implementing their own custom-made systems. By developing custom software solutions, operators can have better control over system stability and respond swiftly in case of any technical issues. Additionally, partnering with an iGaming agency that offers Service Level Agreement (SLA) services ensures prompt support and rapid resolution of any system failures that may occur. 

    In conclusion, the recent system failure experienced by BetConstruct’s software provider highlighted the need for betting operators to invest in custom-made systems and utilize SLA services from reputable iGaming agencies. This incident served as a reminder of the importance of technological resilience and reliability in the digital infrastructure of the betting industry. Implementing robust systems and having proactive support in place can help operators avoid similar disruptions in the future and safeguard their business operations.  Feel free to elaborate on your specific needs by reaching out to us through our contact page.

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