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7 tips for selecting an ideal online e-casino provider

7 tips for selecting an ideal online e-casino provider

Picking the best B2B casino provider can prove quite difficult – the requirements are vastly different than when just selecting a good online casino to play in. If you plan to run the most trusted online casino, you have to choose a platform you can fully trust. The specific offers differ from each other in terms of available games, supported deposit and payment methods, RNG products, gaming licence status, offered functionality and much, much more.

Check the portfolio of the casino provider

Running a good online casino requires the support of a trusted, experienced provider. The quality of a software company is directly tied to the quality of the offered solutions. This means that, in order to pick a live casino API provider or any other service, it’s crucial to verify the company’s products first. You should be able to find a list of completed projects or available platforms on the provider’s website. It’s worth noting that a casino software provider can also offer tons of other solutions for B2B clients – after all, succeeding in this business also requires marketing, access to reliable payment systems, stable servers, and sufficient infrastructure to support both you and your players. Sometimes it’s best to use a whole package from a single provider, but in many cases a better option would be to mix and match to get the most efficiency and the greatest support. Feel free to shop around and check the offers of various suppliers to ensure a good experience in your casino.

Special features

When it comes to running a good online casinotrusted partners are a must. A live casino API provider has to offer a full set of features, primarily including the absolute necessities, such as:

  • technical support;
  • various payment options for the players – keep in mind that the payment methods can vary from country to country, so it’s advised to research the situation in the markets you’re planning to target first;
  • support for attractive visual designs;
  • multi-currency support;
  • multi-language support;
  • bonuses and reward systems;
  • mobile device support;
  • a good selection of games.

All the best iGaming websites should have access to the above features, but it’s just the basic set needed to run a good online casino. If you want to become the best in the business, you have to take into account any special features you might want to use. Those can range from user account personalization, interactive promotional offers and tournaments, through churn rate management and player segmentation, up to tailor-made options to specifically support your offering.

Gaming licence

In almost all jurisdictions, a gaming licence is necessary when starting a casino business. Depending on the country and even the specific area you plan to offer your games in, they can be notoriously difficult to get. There are a number of reasons that your application can get rejected for, and the more refusals you receive, the longer and more expensive the process gets. In fact, the legal requirements are often the most difficult hurdle for new operators on the market. They are, however, a necessary protection for the players, as well as your business itself – even though getting a licence is hard, it’s even harder to get people interested in your offering when you can’t provide a guarantee that their money is safe.

The casino provider of your choosing simply must have a gaming licence. It’s worth noting that in some cases, an online casino platform provider offer can actually cover the legal requirements for you. Such companies are called white label casino providers – with the support of such companies, you can operate under a sublicence, and the provider takes care of covering you with the main gaming licence of their own.

Deposit and payment methods

No casino can function without money – after all, it is the main resource spent by both your players and your dealers. The safest online casinos offer a range of deposit and payment methods to cover the user’s needs. Nowadays, the world of online payments provides many different ways to transfer money – from traditional bank transfers, through various card options, up to cryptocurrencies and several Web-based tools. Some users seek anonymity, while for others, the transaction processing time will be the most important aspect. Most of the time, security is the most vital requirement. You have a variety of options to choose from:

  • wire transfers,
  • prepaid cards,
  • credit and debit cards,
  • cryptocurrencies,
  • online wallets,
  • online payment providers.

Keep in mind that not all options will be available worldwide, and several markets have their own solutions to process money. If you plan to offer your casino games for users from different countries, some research will be required. You will also have to verify how trustworthy the available payment processors are. A very specific way to transfer money is using cryptocurrencies – there are some countries that don’t even allow them, which is another thing you have to remember when preparing to launch your trustable online casino.

Efficient customer support

It goes without saying that all technical solutions can have problems from time to time. For the sake of making the experience as good as it can be for your customers, you have to ensure your services are stable and can get back to speed sufficiently quickly after any outage. Check the response times of the customer support, as well as their availability. The best B2B casino providers should be able to offer help 24/7.

Bonuses offered

Attractive bonuses and special offers are the best ways for an online casino to keep the customers engaged and interested. Cash backs, matching deposits, free bets, and loyalty bonuses for long-term users – there’s a wealth of rewards to choose from. All kinds of offers like that have to be covered by your live casino API provider if you want to attract new players and provide a good experience for existing ones.

User experience

Even the most fully-featured casino won’t be attractive to customers when the user experience isn’t good enough. One of the most important aspects is the servers’ stability and response speeds. Nobody wants to wait for graphics or pages to load in the middle of an exciting poker, craps or roulette game – you have to make sure that everything works smoothly.

Another vital thing is the user interface, which should allow for easy navigation throughout the casino’s website. A great design encourages interaction, makes all the necessary functions straightforward to find, and allows the customers to customize how they use the casino’s functions. The overall appearance of the website is a huge factor in the users’ response too. The design is somewhat separate from the offering of your casino API provider, but it’s necessary to ensure that all the parts work well together.


How to pick the right online casino software provider? If you want to keep the users happy and attract the high-rollers, you have to design a good, user-friendly interface, provide the right experience for your customers, and cover all the most common and safest payment methods. A lot of those parts are directly linked to the functionality offered by your casino provider of choice. A good way to select the right company to be your casino’s partner is by checking their references, as well as other solutions available. You should be able to find the most important information on their website, but if you want to learn more, you will usually have to get in contact with the provider.

A crucial aspect in getting everything running smoothly is ensuring that you have a gaming licence. With the right software provider, you can streamline the process of getting the necessary legal documents. Their licence can be extended to cover the clients by offering a sublicence – many companies use this solution across the iGaming sector. If you want to use the features offered by the live casino API provider to their fullest, it’s also worth it to thoroughly research the games supported by the software.

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