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    Stability and security

    Stability and security

    In the ever-evolving iGaming industry, a solid plan for business continuity is a necessity, not a luxury. It encompasses numerous areas, but three crucial ones are cybersecurity, service level agreement (SLA), and brand protection.

    Protect your business at every step 

    Cybersecurity is the first line of defense in business continuity. As your iGaming platform grows, it may become a target for malicious software and online threats. Proactively establishing robust cybersecurity defenses is essential, rather than adopting reactionary measures when an issue arises. This will not only protect your platform from devastating cyber attacks, but it will also create a secure and trusted environment for your players. With early threat detection, intrusion prevention systems, and regular security audits, you can ensure that your customer’s data is protected while adhering to regulatory compliance. 

    A robust service level agreement (SLA) is another key consideration in business continuity. The key promise of an effective SLA is to ensure maximum uptime and optimal platform performance. Downtime or slowdowns can cause player dissatisfaction and revenue loss. We understand this and take pride in our skilled support team who are ready and available to handle any problems that may come along. By ensuring quick response times and effective issue resolution, we minimize interruptions, thereby maintaining a consistent gaming experience and stable earnings for our clients. 

    Finally, brand protection plays a vital role in business continuity. Protecting your iGaming brand against potential threats such as harmful software or competitive actions is vital to uphold the integrity and reliability of your brand. Imagine not needing to find out about issues impacting your brand from third parties –  staying one step ahead is crucial. Our comprehensive brand security service ensures that your reputation is safeguarded. Providing a safe and reliable gaming environment isn’t just about protecting your players, it’s about solidifying your position in the market while maintaining trust and loyalty with your player base.

    In short, investing in cybersecurity, a comprehensive SLA, and brand protection can ensure not only your business’s continuity but also its long-term success and sustainability in the competitive iGaming industry.

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    Other critical factors

    When we talk about the entire “maintenance” service, it’s important to also consider other elements overseen by our specialists, who constantly test and control them. Among the most crucial are: 

    • control of critical player paths – we determine key business paths for players and monitor their correctness. We check the loading speed of individual sections, intuitiveness, and security. 
    • performance (uptime) control – thanks to automated monitoring and encoded critical platform errors, whenever they occur, we receive notifications and respond to them promptly to minimize inconvenience for players
    • security certificate assistant – we remind and monitor the timeliness of all necessary security certificates, plugins, and subscriptions to ensure that your business never loses its validity. 

    Do you want to sleep soundly while your business is making money? It’s within reach with one of our SLA services. Together, we’ll determine the current vulnerabilities of your platform, swiftly implement necessary security elements and optimization. We’ll establish testing protocols and brand monitoring.  Contact us!

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