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    Licensing flexibility 

    Licensing flexibility 

    A solution that keeps you up to date with licensing changes.

    Before colorful slot games, crash games and casino table games start filling up your online and live casino, it is imperative to acquire an online iGaming license from the right licensing authority. The choice will determine the course of your iGaming business, including the types of entertainment you will be allowed to provide on your platform, any potential gaming taxes, the annual fee, the people that can visit your site, etc.
    Legal regulations tend to be very complex, and in the case of iGaming sites, they necessitate certain approaches and procedures even before the development phase begins.

    From our side, the beginning of work on integrating licensing provisions with technology always relies on several fundamental points:

    • Analyzing license requirements and translating them into functionalities
    • Implementing protocols to monitor the website for irregularities
    • Ensuring compliance with Responsible Gambling principles
    • Implementing solutions commonly mentioned within licenses, such as Reality Checks
    • Listing and planning the correct implementation of systems that are part of the required integrations.

    Flexible solutions are the key to success

    Thanks to many years of experience, the casino engines we create for our clients are based on a technological solution that allows for the quick adaptation of the casino to the ever-changing iGaming landscape. Swift adaptation of the platform to iGaming licensing regulations means the option for seamless modification of various elements of the casino’s website. The speed and reliability of changes are extremely important both when discussing the scaling, and when increasing the efficiency of the casino. These factors are also important when the casino begins expansion into new markets. Preparing a platform for the requirements of a new license doesn’t always have to mean building it from scratch. Thanks to an “agile infrastructure,” this can be done based on an already existing service.

    Based on completed projects for casino operators, we distinguish several basic “flexible areas” that adapt to licensing norms. These include:


    • Constant platform monitoring (SLA) 
    • Protection of user data 
    • Encrypted financial protection 
    • Security standards – encrypted access 
    • Protection against player abuse and removal of fake accounts


    • Guarantee of platform access for all entitled users, regardless of the device 
    • Regular software testing and system scanning to ensure they are safe and efficient 
    • Implementation of user verification technology in terms of age and location 
    • iGaming Block – responsible gaming policy (betting limits, self-exclusion and other tools promoting safe gaming practices) 

    Think about your business – at every step

    Aside from being able to adapt to licensing requirements, a casino must also be flexible in terms of business requirements, which is why we also add a list of elements that should be considered when creating or scaling a casino.

    • Uncompromising graphic design & UX
    • Admin panel with the ability to create personalized business reports and analysesWallet management (wallet setup, managing player and game transactions, handling bonuses, vendor integration, payment / payout gateway integration, taxes handling)
    • Automation tests (wallet, reports, bonuses, loyalty program)
    • Aggregator integrations
    • Direct provider intergations
    • Bonus management (bonus setup dashboard; bonus assignment system; reporting & analytics; global bonus actions; special bonuses; live bonus notifications)
    • Communication systems integration
    • Loyalty and affiliate programs
    • Security

    We understand the language of licenses and industry regulations, the technology behind iGaming systems and products, and ultimately, we work with user behavior data. With over a million active players benefiting from systems based on our solutions, we can confidently say that it’s worth talking to us and getting industry insights regarding planned investments  Contact us!

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