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Find out what type of casino you need

Find out what type of casino you need

The casino business has a long and storied history. While the first establishments that could be considered casinos in the modern sense appeared between the 17th and 18th century, pretty much any society has had its forms of games of chance since ancient times. The long evolution of gaming has spawned a couple of different forms of casinos – from the smallest venues to gigantic resorts, as well as mobile casinos and hugely popular casinos online. 

Tourist trap casino

Let’s start by a type of establishment often considered the worst type of casino: the tourist trap. You can find them mostly in places where there’s a very limited selection – for example on cruise ships, at airports, next to hotels, or just functioning as ‘the only place in town’. Tourist trap casinos often appear right next to borders between different jurisdictions, where one country or state prohibits games of chance while the other one allows it. For example, you can find them right away when crossing the border between California and Nevada, with ‘the Silver State’ being renowned for its lax approach to games of chance. While the European regulations are more uniform, there is still a possibility of neighbouring countries having different rules when it comes to casinos, providing the perfect breeding ground for ‘tourist traps’. 

Even though the option to have a bit of fun in the casino can be tempting when you’re on holiday or taking a trip somewhere, it’s best to just avoid places falling into this category. A tourist trap casino is often characterized by low odds, a limited selection of games and, in many cases, a charge just to get in. Before visiting a new place to play in, especially abroad, check the customer reviews to find out if it will be a good fit. If it looks like a tourist trap, you should have better options available literally in the palm of your hand – with the rise of casinos online, you can safely use mobile casinos anywhere in the world. 

Small casinos

When talking about types of casinos, you can’t ignore the more modest venues. Though they can be unassuming, small casinos can surprise you in terms of the games selection and the general standards. It’s especially true when visiting a place with a lot of ‘tourist trap’ casinos – Las Vegas being the perennial example. You can find many of the world’s largest casinos on the famous Strip, but it’s a good idea to take a moment to explore the city and see what the smaller ones have to offer. 

Obviously, every venue is different, and this rule holds true for smaller casinos as well. Which small casino would be a good place to play? You can find out by checking the reviews online – the residents of the city you want to bet in should be able to offer some guidance as well. Small casinos are a great choice, especially for players who already know what kind of games and specific offers they’re looking for. 

Mega casino resorts

When thinking of casinos, the first image that comes to mind for many people is exactly this kind of establishment. A huge resort with bright lights, tons of money getting spent every day, and 24-hour fun. A place like that sounds very exciting for a lot of people, while others will prefer a smaller, calmer venue. Even if you fall into the second group, it’s worth taking a moment to see if a resort would be a good place to spend your time and play for a bit. 

What makes resorts so exciting and enticing? It’s mostly because they’re much more than just a casino. A hotel – usually boasting at least four stars – is a given, generally available right next to the place you’re playing in. Apart from that, you can find many different attractions: pools, spas, golf courses, gigantic shopping malls, cinemas… The list goes on and on. It makes it a great place to visit with people who aren’t as interested in the casino itself, as just about everybody should find a fun activity to do at a resort. However, you have to keep in mind that places like that generally price their attractions pretty high. Because of that, it might be a better idea to find a regular resort and look for casinos online. You don’t have to take your laptop with you – lately, in the world of casino, mobile offers are available almost everywhere. 

Slots only casinos

Some places prefer to focus only on one type of game. If you’re a huge fan of slots at casinos, you might be satisfied when picking a place like that – but, once again, they come with an important caveat. Your success when playing slots is strongly tied to the configuration of the machine used to play. The most important parameter is RTP percentage – ‘return-to-player’, which specifies how much of your stake you should expect to get back over the longer term. In regular casinos, around 93% is a good number to aim for, whereas top online casinos can offer RTP as high as 98-99%. At the same time, slots casinos – despite being built literally to provide only this game – usually have a measly RTP of 80-85%. What is the reason for this major discrepancy? It’s mostly due to the fact that physical casinos, especially ones focused on a single aspect of the playing experience, need to have a way to cover the operating costs. Those are much lower in online casinos, making Web-based and mobile casinos able to offer better conditions for the players. 

Online casinos

At this point, casinos online are probably the largest category by far. You can find hundreds, if not thousands of them, catering to different kinds of players, with new online casinos popping up basically every day. When visiting a website like that, you can expect a vast selection of games, support for many comfortable and secure deposit or withdrawal options, and great support – all without leaving your home. It’s important to check if the online casinos for real money that you’re planning to play in have the necessary licences and certificates. 

How to find the best online casinos? You can consult the various lists and comparisons available online, as well as check the customer reviews. After all, a fellow bettor should know exactly what players are looking for – a first-hand experience report should prove to be a valuable source. After you’ve noted down the select few best casinos online, and you want to choose a single most interesting one, you can browse the special offers available, rewards for players, and bonuses. While physical casinos usually don’t have promotions as exciting as doubling or even tripling your initial deposit, options like that are common in casinos online, so you can boost your bankroll pretty quickly even at the beginning. 

Mobile casinos

The overall feature set of mobile casinos is very similar to regular casinos online, which are available primarily through your web browser. They are unmatched when it comes to convenience, though – just as you can take your smartphone anywhere, you can use mobile casinos in any place you’d like. There are two basic options when it comes to playing on mobile: you can either use the smartphone version of the casino website, or a dedicated app. The second way of playing should, in the vast majority of cases, provide a better experience. As for the first one, the best mobile casinos design their websites so that they’re easy to use no matter what device you’re on, but it’s not a guarantee for all casinos. 

If you want to play in mobile casinos, it’s recommended to use the solutions offered by companies with their own mobile app. With a dedicated application, you can be sure that the sizes of all the important elements will be adjusted to the smaller smartphone screen, making the experience fun and comfortable. 


As you can see, there are several types of casinos – they differ in terms of location, minimum payments, games offered, average return, and additional attractions available. When you’re on the road and want to have some fun, it can be a great use of your time to visit a small casino, but remember to check the reviews first. Tourist traps and slots-only casinos are best avoided altogether, while a resort can be seen as a specific, separate experience. You cannot go wrong with online casinos and mobile casinos, though – they’re often the best places to play in. You still have to keep in mind that not all casinos are created equal, so some research will be necessary before diving in. 

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