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    Player acquisition – new player influx

    Player acquisition – new player influx

    For you, as an iGaming website operator, acquiring new players is crucial for success and growth. You need a constant influx of new players engaging with your games and promotions to generate revenue and expand your business. You must cut through the noise to attract players and convert them into loyal, long-term players.

    There are several key marketing points that should be considered, especially in the context of the limitations originating from the lack of access to external cookie files:

    Building the credibility of your original channels: In the cookieless era, it is worth concentrating on the use of 1st party cookies. This entails the necessity to construct original channels and platforms that will directly reach your players. By investing in your own marketing channels, you will ensure stability and control in the communication with users. The strategy of building your own media outreach – inbound marketing – covers casinos, platforms, emails, social media, thematic groups, blogs, forums and other media over which you have full control. What distinguishes this type of activity? The intention with which you create these entities – the drive to attract players to your brand by delivering specific values, not by “forcing” or “persuading” them to play.

    Here are some of the advantages resulting from a high quality and attractiveness of your own media:

    • Full control
    • Cost effectiveness
    • Wide outreach
    • Access to user data
    • Versatility and durability

    The right organization of player support: Player support and a quick reaction to their needs are not just costs, but also a potential for profit. Positive player experiences in customer service may lead to a positive message transfer about the casino, which will attract new players. Effective customer service is key for every online casino. Too few such establishments use this aspect to generate profit.

    When planning the support department, it is important to remember to correctly prepare its structure. The structure of the department depends on:

    • the method of segmenting players: new players will need different kinds of support than VIPs
    • the method of classifying types of inquiries (depending on difficulty): properly determining issues and scaling their difficulty allow for the establishment of action protocols for every line of support and ensure the effectiveness of procedures
    • the channels of communication with the players: omnichannel support is the answer to different player preferences in terms of the methods of communication. Alongside the multichannel aspect of the support department, there is also its multilingual aspect.

    Adapted architecture of interconnected platforms – affiliate marketing: Partnership with affiliate platforms is key for the efficient acquisition of new players. Affiliate marketing is an effective player acquisition strategy for iGaming websites. You can reach new potential players by partnering with affiliates – websites and influencers. Affiliates promote your iGaming website to their audiences in exchange for a percentage of the revenue generated from any new players they refer. This performance-based model means you only pay for results. A few key steps to launching an affiliate program include: 

    • The choice of a network to manage your program
    • Setting your commission rates
    • Recruiting affiliates
    • Tracking performance
    • Optimization 

    Partnering with affiliates and influencers who can promote your brand to their audiences is crucial. Offer competitive commission rates, marketing materials, and reporting to motivate affiliates. Run promotions and contests exclusively for affiliates to drive more traffic and sign-ups. Provide affiliates with marketing assets like banners, text links, images, and content they can use to promote your brand on their websites, email newsletters, social media, and streaming channels. Track affiliate referrals and optimize the program based on the performance of different affiliates and types of promotions. Pay affiliates on time and offer faster payments for top performers. 

    Collaborating with affiliates allows you to gain exposure to new audiences, drive more sign-ups, and acquire high-value players for your iGaming website in a cost-effective manner. With an optimized program, affiliate marketing should be an ongoing part of your player acquisition strategy.

    The choice of appropriate partners whose auditorium reflects the target group of the online casino will allow you to efficiently reach potential clients.

    Cross-promotions with other entities: By synergizing with other industries, such as 24/7 food suppliers or streaming platforms, you can generate added value for players and contribute to an increase in loyalty towards an online casino. How to enable the right cross-promotion? Get to know your players:

    1. Where do they spend their time?
    2. How do they organize their basic shopping and meals?
    3. What technological solutions do they use?

    Sometimes, abstract cooperations can bring you closer to your player, not just during his activity on your platform, but also in a much wider time window.

    Positioning in search engine results pages (SERPs): It is imperative to appear in the right positions in search engine results pages in order to acquire new players. A well-optimized presence in SERPs may attract organic traffic to the casino website and increase brand awareness. Affiliate actions must go hand in hand with a data-driven SEO strategy. Only then will you be the top choice for your players. Optimizing your iGaming website for search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to rank high in search engines like Google. Implementing a 100% business goal-driven SEO strategy, we act globally to optimize your online casino technically (implementing over 40 optimization points crucial for the industry). We build SEO content based on player and industry-friendly storytelling – this way, you gain substantive texts that work for you on the web. We ensure a rich network of external links. Over 10 years of experience in the industry has allowed us to rank one of the German casinos first on Google. We have proven actions and a network of partner portals that ensure results and substantial traffic.

    Whisper marketing: Satisfied players may become the best brand ambassadors. Build relations with your clients and encourage them to share positive opinions about the casino. Support the formation of a community in which every player ca become an influencer contributing to the improvement of reputation and acquisition of new users.

    Check out a few proven strategies, combine them, and gain an advantage over others in the industry.


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