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Q1 2024 Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria 

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    Player retention – player commitment

    Player retention – player commitment

    The brain and heart of the system. Namely the engine of the entire casino and the bonus engine that drives and attracts players – both are essential in the context of generating revenue and crucial in the process of designing and building the casino itself.

    How to make them stay

    Several key aspects of the player retention rate can be found below.

    • proper bonus engine – as mentioned above one main reason players stick with online casinos is the use of a good bonus system. Regular promotions, attractive welcome bonuses, and loyalty programs make players feel appreciated and motivated to stay longer 
    • seamless AML and KYC processes – security is a top priority for online casino players. Smooth and quick processes for checking compliance with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations not only ensure transaction safety but also build trust. It’s a crucial element that keeps players on the platform. 
    • quick payout processes – fast and efficient payout processes are equally important. Players appreciate the ability to quickly receive their winnings. Online casinos offering speedy payouts satisfy the need for immediate gratification, promoting a positive experience and encouraging players to come back regularly. 

    Together, these three elements – a proper bonus system, seamless AML and KYC processes, and quick payout procedures – form a comprehensive strategy. This strategy not only attracts new players but also maintains their engagement and loyalty. For players, it’s not just about the game; it’s also about the overall experience, security, and benefits gained through activity on a particular gaming platform.

    Key features of an online casino

    Below you will find a complete list of features to remember when building a casino. Features have been grouped according to their value for Players and the casino owners themselves. 

    Additionally, we have assigned priority of importance to each feature: must have, should have, and could have.  


    By implementing technical solutions focused on creating value for users and establishing a safe and sustainable environment for players, you secure not only the current player base but also, through their positive feedback, pave the way for acquiring new ones. Our specialists, while building the functional map of the casino, also take into account analytics that allows measuring the player retention coefficient based on their behaviors.


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