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    Scalability that unlocks new revenues

    Scalability that unlocks new revenues

    Your platform is the foundation of your business. It has an influence on the diversity you offer to your players, the quality of the services you provide and – most of all – it shapes experiences that will either make your players come back for more or forget about you forever. A well-designed, scalable and responsive casino improves player engagement, builds loyalty and adapts to quickly changing trends, including those typical for the mobile game industry.  


    Scalable business solutions not only facilitate and support its functioning here and now. They allow for a certain degree of flexibility when thinking about and changing long-term goals. As traffic and player activity increase (more transactions, more transfers, more attacks, and more complex operations), casino operators and the people responsible for casino development need a platform that can handle the growing requirements. 

    Your platform always has to be ready for a million-fold traffic because our sector attracts such high interest.

    Scalability is, by definition, a multidimensional process, but from a business standpoint, it should provide you and your casino with the means to effectively adapt to an increasing number of users. It should allow your establishment to service more transactions and maintain high performance and security despite the growing strain on systems.  

    If we want to have a more technical look at the adaptation capabilities of a platform with regards to business conditions, it is worth focusing on the implementation of the following elements:  

    • CDN (Content Delivery Network) – a key aspect in the iGaming world, which operates 24h. CDN provides content such as graphics, multimedia, and static files from local servers, decreasing page load times for users worldwide.  
    • load balancers – they provide even load distribution between different servers, eliminating local emergencies and providing continuity of operation even during periods of increased traffic.  
    • autoscaling – it allows for the dynamic adaptation of server resources depending on load. It is a key element that allows for the effective management of resources and helps avoid excessive use of resources when there is no need.  
    • Amazon Web Services (cloud) – cloud services, such as AWS, provide unlimited calculating power and data storage, enabling the easy scaling of online casino infrastructure depending on needs.  
    • data lakes (for reporting) – they are an excellent tool to collect and process data from various sources, enabling the creation of advanced business reports.  
    • data warehouses – they allow for the collection and effective processing of enormous chunks of data, which is key when analyzing and optimizing casino operations.  
    • backup strategies – they are necessary to protect information in the case of a malfunction. They also allow for quick, full system recovery. 
    • no-downtime policies (or 100% uptime policies) – based on monitoring and the regular implementation of protocols and test scenarios that make the online casino available to players 24h a day, eliminating possible operating interruptions that could lead to the loss of clients.  
    • vertical and horizontal data partitioning – enables effective management of growing databases, further increasing operational performance.  
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