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Top 10 most popular online casino games

Top 10 most popular online casino games

iGaming is one of those lucky industries that has evaded the recent economic and healthcare-related problems and has flourished in the last few years. Many offline casinos successfully transitioned to the online format, and more businesses of this type have popped up providing entertainment solely by means of the internet. As the gates to real money casino games are opening to an increasingly large international audience, we decided to briefly describe some of the most popular and successful games you may enjoy in the best online casinos.

10. Keno, where numbers meet luck

A simple and fun numerical game, highly popular worldwide, and the basis for many other similar games. It’s also one of the oldest games of its kind, dating back to the early 16th century. During a game of Keno, the participants decide how many numbers (1-10) they want to choose. This is usually followed by the amount the player wants to bet and how many games are to be played in a row. Then, depending on how many numbers you decided to pick at the beginning, you cross out numbers from a range of 1-80. Sometimes you can also have the computer pick the random numbers for you. In some cases, you can select a bonus multiplier, but it will cost you extra. That’s it. Now you just wait for the winning numbers to appear on the screen, and hope for a match.

9. Bingo, a fast-paced game of chance

The second numerical game on our list also has a rich past and is highly popular worldwide. In bingo, every player receives a table with a combination of numbers. In some countries, the table also includes empty fields. Every turn, a number is randomly selected and announced to the players who have to look for it on their card and mark it if they find it. In a classic game of bingo, the caller continues to randomly provide the numbers until the first player forms a line of five numbers on his card. In the traditional, offline format, every player is expected to call out “bingo” when he crosses out a line of five numbers horizontally, vertically or across. There are different versions of bingo, e.g., bingo 75 and bingo 90 have a different range of numbers.

8. Lottery, pure luck

Lottery (or lotto) is a broad category for games of chance where players can win money or other prizes, but the latter is less common for online formats of this game. The rules are simple. In most cases, players purchase a lottery ticket, usually with a specific number, and wait for the moment when prizes are drawn. The prize pool may increase depending on the number of participants. Lotteries are usually characterized by a low entry fee, but also a low chance of winning. The prizes in lotteries (particularly the offline variants) tend to be among the grandest of all games of chance, especially because popular lotteries in some countries can be nationwide, with big numbers of participants.

7. Craps, the world’s most popular dice game

This popular dice game has eventually made its way to the online format. The two common types are casino craps in which the players play against the bank/casino, and street craps, where the players play against each other. Because the only items necessary to play are two dice, the game has become popular worldwide and is often enjoyed outside gaming establishments. In casinos, the players place their bets on a combination of numbers, and one player – referred to as the “shooter” – throws a pair of six-sided dice in a way that both of them rebound from the opposite side of the table. The player has to use both dice for the throw at the same time, otherwise the toss is considered invalid. In the offline format, the stickman, who is the person conducting the game, offers the shooter a bowl with five dice, out of which the player chooses two for the current round. The aim is to roll certain dice combinations to win.

6. Jackpot, little risk – huge winnings

This term is widely used in gaming for different things. Here we understand jackpot as a specific format for games rather than any single game. A jackpot game offers players the chance of winning a huge prize in a single game. A part of every bet is added to the prize pool until one player gets the “jackpot”. The jackpot can be fixed or progressive. In the first case the grand prize does not change, while in the latter, the jackpot grows with every new bet that is placed. The most common type of jackpot games, especially in online casinos, are slots, but other options, including table games such as poker, are also possible. Online progressive jackpots sometimes require several players to participate before the games are initiated. Jackpots are among the most popular online and offline casino games, as some of them are among the simplest while offering the chance of winning huge sums of money.

5. Roulette, the wheel of fortune

Arguably the most iconic casino game, with its unique wheel of numbers recognizable throughout the world. It was also one of the earliest games to make its way to the online format where it is also highly popular. Interestingly, the sum of all numbers in roulette equals 666, which is why it is sometimes referred to as “the devil’s game”. The modern version of roulette was developed by the famous French scientist, Blaise Pascal. There are two main types of roulette – European and American, but there is also a French version and one where there is no “zero” among the numbers. The wheel features 37 or 38 gaps with numbers. Players place their bets in any combination, then the croupier starts the wheel and tosses the little ball the opposite way. Some casinos allow players to place their bets to a certain point when the ball is still moving (the croupier decides when the bets are closed), but most require betting before the wheel begins to turn. The results are calculated when the ball stops and the winnings depend on the type of bet that was placed. It’s also worth pointing out that the number 0 has special rulings.

4. Baccarat, players against the casino

One of the easiest to learn and most popular card games, frequently played alongside poker in offline casinos as well as on the best casino sites. There are many variations of this game, the most popular ones include the North American baccarat, also known as Punto Banco, but there is also Chemin de Fer and Banquet, often referred to as Baccarat à Deux Tableaux. Punto Banco is a pure game of chance in which there are no decisions to be made, no skills are required, and the result depends solely on the cards the player and the banker receive. The two other types are different as they require a certain degree of skill since the player makes decisions that influence the course of the game. The main concept of baccarat is the comparison of two sets of cards (hands). One hand belongs to the player, the other one is the banker’s. Every round can end in three different ways: the player wins, the banker wins, or there is a draw. The rules and card values depend on the variant of this casino game.

3. Poker, the king of card games

Possibly the most well-known card game of all time, highly popular throughout the world, and a staple in both offline and online casinos. There are several variations of poker, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud and more, but the first one is probably the most common type. There isn’t usually a limit to the number of players sitting at a poker table, but for practical reasons, no more than 10 people should take part in the game. The Texas Hold’em variation, which is often considered the most popular one, uses a full deck – 52 cards. When the cards are distributed between the players, each of them has a number of options:

  • Fold – the player quits the round and loses all chips he placed as his bet
  • Check – the player doesn’t raise nor fold, but waits for the other players. Waiting is only possible when the stake wasn’t raised this round
  • Call – the player evens to the sum set by someone else this round
  • Bet – the first time the player places a bet during a round
  • Raise – the player raises the stake and forces other players to even out, raise or pass. After raising, other players cannot use the check option
  • All-in – the player adds all of his chips to the pool, and if he fails, he loses all of them and loses the game

To win in poker, the player has to have the strongest combination of cards in his hand. There are multiple possibilities, starting from the weakest:

  • A high card – If you haven’t acquired any combination, then the strongest card in your hand is your result
  • A pair – two identical cards (e.g. two queens, a pair of 10s), and three other cards that do not form any combination
  • Two pairs – two different pairs of cards (e.g. a pair of kings and a pair of aces) and one random card
  • Three of a kind – three cards with the same symbol or number, two random cards (e.g. 3 Queens)
  • Straight – a combination of five cards in rising order but not in the same suit, e.g. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • Flush – includes any 5 cards of the same color, not ordered
  • Full house – when you have a pair and three of a kind at the same time, e.g., 3 queens and 2 kings
  • Four of a kind – when you have all four cards of the same rank, e.g., 4 kings
  • Straight flush – five cards in a sequence and of the same suit
  • Royal flush – A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, all of the same suit

Poker games are so popular they are frequently streamed online, even through platforms that are mostly known for delivering other types of content, like Twitch.

2. Blackjack, outmatch the casino

While poker may be the most well-known card game of all time, blackjack dominates table games in most casinos throughout the world. In this card game, the player faces the casino, trying to acquire a sum of points as close to 21 as possible, but without exceeding this number. The numbered cards (2-10) are worth as many points as their numbers, the jack, queen, king – 10 points each, while the Ace is worth either 1 or 11, depending on what’s best for the player.

In blackjack, the player places a bet against the croupier. Then, both the player and the croupier receive two cards. The player’s cards are revealed, while only one of the croupier’s cards is shown to the player. Then the player makes a choice:

  • Hit – draw a card
  • Stand – the player doesn’t draw any cards
  • Double down – the player can double the original bet; this is possible only during the phase with the first two cards, but then the player must draw one card
  • Split – applies when the first two cards the player receives are the same value. The player creates a second hand with one of the cards and has to place an additional bet on the new hand. Each hand gets another card, leaving the player with two starting hands. The player plays independently with the two hands, and each hand can win or lose. There may be additional rules on splitting imposed by the casino
  • Surrender – this move is not possible in all casinos. You forfeit half of the bet and end your hand
  • Insurance – it is an additional bet possible only when the revealed card of the croupier is an ace, and not in every casino. The player can place an additional bet for the croupier’s second card (not yet revealed) saying that he has a blackjack. If the croupier does have a blackjack, the player loses the primary bet, but thanks to the insurance, he wins 2 – 1, receiving the sum of money that equals the loss in the primary bet (this is why it is called insurance)

Nowadays, you will find online blackjack in many reputable iGaming establishments.

1. Slots, play anytime, anywhere

Undoubtedly one of the first and definitely the most popular entertainment provided in online casinos. Online slots come in all colors and themes, and every high-ranking casino has dozens if not hundreds of different slot games, so there is always something to choose from. Aside from the physical aspect, these virtual machines come with all the benefits of traditional offline slot games, providing a quick spike of excitement without the need of learning complicated rules. Slots are fun partially because they are so easy and accessible, and partially because they do not require interaction with other players or the casino dealer. It’s easy entertainment available at your leisure, now even on the go through a smartphone app. In most online casinos, they form the core of the gaming experience.

Bonus: A recent trend – Crash games

When it comes to top online casino games, we have to mention the newest trend. Crash games are an innovation in the industry and they have quickly become extremely popular, in no small part due to their simplicity. These games feature a multiplier that continues to steadily increase until it abruptly stops. Players place their bets and try to cash out before the multiplier ends. If they don’t do it in time, they lose their bet. Some crash games have an unlimited multiplier, whereas others have a cap. One of the most popular games of this type is Aviator, which was released in 2019. In this game, there is an animation of a plane and the multiplier continues to increase as the plane flies. At some point, the plane suddenly flies away and all betting is stopped. You win if you cash out before the plane flies away.


The popularity of online casino games is not slowing down. As both existing and new businesses expand their licenses to provide this form of entertainment to a larger audience, we can only expect the number of players and iGaming platforms to grow.

If you’re looking for an experienced team to bring your vision of an iGaming platform to life, contact us using your preferred method. We will be happy to answer any questions.

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