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    What to do to make people love your casino

    What to do to make people love your casino

    There are many online casinos out there, with new ones popping up every year, but only a few of them are truly successful. This success is fueled by the enthusiasm of players and their willingness to engage in the platform’s games. The satisfaction of your players directly translates into how profitable your iGaming establishment will become. The question is then – how to make players love your online casino?

    How to make people love your casino?

    To make it all work, a few different elements have to come together and work effectively. The key aspects are related to (broadly understood) content, technology and marketing. Let’s have a look at each important factor.

    Promotions in your casino

    A good casino marketing strategy involves frequent and varied promotions to entice players to play games. Most casinos present such special deals on the homepage so that this piece of information is immediately visible to the person entering the site. What kind of promotions exactly?

    One special deal that is expected by veteran players is an attractive welcome package. A good one usually includes a certain amount of cash to spend on the platform’s games and a number of free spins to use on slot machines or other games of chance. A decent welcome package has a good chance of convincing a player to stay, especially if he manages to win something early.

    Whenever there is a seasonal event celebrated in a large part of the world, such as Christmas, Chinese New Year or St. Patrick’s Day, a large portion of the player base will expect something special to happen at the casino as well. Besides a change of theme for the platform during the time of the event, online casinos usually offer special deals on selected games, and if there is custom currency on the platform – it may be used as a reward. Celebrating the platform’s anniversary is also a great time for special deals, perhaps even the biggest in the entire year. On this special day, some casinos offer physical prizes, vouchers and even trips. Recently, one iGaming establishment made an amazing offer and prepared a raffle with the main prize being a 9-day trip to Qatar to watch two matches of the upcoming FIFA World Cup. That’s alongside other prizes, which include huge Samsung TV’s, MacBooks, iPhones and other Apple gear. Now this is celebrating in a grand style!

    Seasonal events are a good opportunity for some big special deals, but this doesn’t mean many smaller special offers should not occur throughout the year. Free spins related to individual titles, game of the month special offers, tournaments with prizes, bonuses to encourage players to try out new games, discounts for the platform’s custom currency – these are just a few ideas.

    Last, but not least. An important part of casino marketing is a VIP club for the most dedicated players. Imagine the commitment when someone decides to apply for a paid membership in your establishment when there are hundreds of other options available both online and offline. This has to be appreciated in some way, and unique special offers just for club members are a good option. These can include special benefits and promotions, personalized exclusive gifts, access to a special rewards’ shop, VIP customer support, receiving some amount of platform currency for each game played with real money, etc. Make your players feel special.

    Players need to know how much they can win

    Anonymous rankings presenting the highest wins for individual games or events, advertisements showing the prize pool – when people see the real numbers they are more eager to believe they will become one of the lucky ones.

    Choose the games well

    Several aspects have to be taken into account. Firstly, a good variety of games is necessary to cater to a wide range of preferences and and to attract as many users as possible. The platform should be released with a significant number of games, and their number should gradually increase with the passing months. Secondly, each game should be provided by a reliable developer. There are several known brands in the industry, and having a good name behind your slots will reduce the risk of issues on the platform and help build its reputation. You can also surprise your users by providing one or more original games, custom made for your platform.

    Why casino marketing matters?

    Every business needs complex advertising to thrive and iGaming is not different. An effective casino marketing strategy means engaging in several activities, including:

    • building brand’s awareness and reputation,
    • working towards a higher rank in Google search results
    • increasing organic traffic,
    • engaging in digital marketing activities,
    • working on technical SEO,
    • tracking user behavior to know what they love about your platform and developing that area

    Use SEO Keywords

    Keywords are one of the pillars of SEO, an important part of basically any online platform marketing strategy. Well-placed keywords throughout the site will help improve site positioning in search results pages. Keyword research should also be performed before the preparation of any article that is supposed to be posted on the website to maximize its SEO potential.

    Affiliate marketing as a part of the strategy

    Advertising of online casinos, betting sites, etc. is not easy due to the various legal restrictions present in different regions, and various social media outlets tend to disapprove information sharing connected to iGaming. Affiliate marketing is one way of helping to grow the userbase.

    Blogging as must have

    This is a critical aspect for generating valuable traffic. High-quality articles offering useful information to users are a key element of SEO. Sometimes, a single well-written article can be responsible for a huge traffic spike, and if it features evergreen content, then its benefits can be felt for a long period of time. There are many avenues for casinos to explore when blogging on their platforms, combining information about the website itself with news from the iGaming industry as a whole. Blog posts and articles could feature announcements about the upcoming events, special deals, raffles, rankings of highest winnings, information about new games, news from the iGaming world, the rules for classic games such as poker, blackjack or roulette, and more. Rules for traditional games are a good example of evergreen content for online casinos. Regular entries will send out a message that your platform is alive and there is always something more to come back to.

    Summary of your casino marketing

    To make players love your iGaming establishment and choose it over the hundreds of other options, you need to carefully consider your online casino marketing strategy and implement it properly. Our team at createIT has more than 10 casino brands in its portfolio, providing turnkey solutions from start to finish and all the marketing strategies you will need to jumpstart – or refresh – your iGaming business. See what we can do for you and contact us using your preferred method.

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