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Q1 2024 Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria 

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    Monetize players’ experience with iGaming analytics

    Monetize players’ experience with iGaming analytics

    Check out how to analyze player behavior to draw more benefits while providing even better experiences

    Nowadays, the business world is based on data. Its availability and widespread presence often make us forget that the key to success is not just data collection, but the right interpretation and analysis too. It is also worth remembering that the context may change the meaning of the results, which is why it is always worth staying up to date with the latest trends in your segment, or the industry as a whole.

    Intuitively, most of us probably feel that the popularity of mobile iGaming solutions continues to increase. However, did you know statisticians claim that by 2028, we will have had over 243 million users preferring this type of solutions?

    And did you know that general studies of service platforms indicate that more than 20% of users leave sites when they are already on the login/purchase path because of low site performance?

    Even when combining seemingly unrelated data, those responsible for online casino development should always keep in mind the state of their mobile solutions. When creating these solutions, one should not forget about such aspects as the comfort of use of each of their casino versions, and to make user paths clear and easy to follow.

    These aspects will make it easier for the head of the casino to manage the games’ portfolio to connect the titles that are profiled towards specific audiences – in this case, those that enjoy fast games using mobile devices. We can assume that a significant number of these players play these games between other activities. For them, good performance and system intuitiveness are crucial because they only have time for games when they commute to work, wait in a queue or during lunch.

    Accurately measuring insights and understanding their significance is crucial for driving strategic decision-making and long-term success in the iGaming industry. A variety of key metrics offer invaluable information, enabling casino operators to enhance the gaming experience, optimize operations, and ultimately increase profitability. This article delves into the most critical data measured by casino operators, explaining why it is vital and how it shapes the industry’s ever-evolving landscape.

    The most common metrics monitored by casino operators

    A lot of the information presented below is easily accessible in a casino platform’s admin panel.

    • Active players:
      This metric measures the number of unique players who have made a deposit and have played at least once in a specific timeframe (usually daily, weekly, or monthly). It provides a picture of your casino’s user engagement.
    • New player registrations:
      This measures the number of new players who register an account on your site during a given period. Tracking new player signups can help you gauge the success of marketing campaigns and user acquisition efforts.
    • Player retention rate:
      This helps to measure the percentage of players who return to play after their first visit. High retention rates indicate that the platform is engaging and satisfying its customers, while lower rates may suggest issues with game quality, customer service, or overall experience.
    • Deposit frequency:
      This measures how frequently players deposit funds into their accounts. It gives operators an idea of how engaged and invested their clients are.
    • Average revenue per user (ARPU):
      Calculated by dividing the total revenue by the number of users, ARPU represents the average revenue contributed by each player.
    • Customer lifetime value (CLTV):
      This metric estimates the total revenue a business can reasonably expect from a single customer account. It considers a customer’s revenue value and compares that number to the company’s predicted customer lifespan. Businesses use this to identify significant customer segments that are the most valuable to the company.
    • Gross gaming revenue (GGR):
      This represents the difference between the wagers players make and the winnings they receive. This metric can give clear insights into the financial health of the operations.
    • Net gaming revenue (NGR):
      This is the Gross Gaming Revenue minus the cost of operating the casino (bonuses, commissions, payment charges). A profitable casino will aim to optimize operations to maintain a solid NGR.
    • Churn rate:
      This metric tracks the number of players who stop using your online casino during a given period. A high churn rate might indicate that players aren’t satisfied with your service or platform.
    • Bonuses and promotions usage:
      This measures how many players use the bonuses and promotions offered by the casino. It provides insights into the effectiveness of the different promotional tools used.
    • Game-specific metrics:
      These could include metrics like the most popular games, average play time in one game session, or most profitable games. These insights can help in understanding player preferences and tailoring game offerings accordingly.
    • Conversion rate:
      The rate at which visitors or new sign-ups turn into depositing players is crucial. It reflects the effectiveness of the platform’s user interface, incentives, and more.
    • Player yield:
      Player yield is the average gross income per active customer during specified periods. Elevating player yield indicates a drive for enhanced player engagement.
    • Bonus costs:
      Casinos often use bonuses and promotional offers to attract and retain players. While these can increase short-term numbers, they must be tracked closely to ensure they do not erode profitability.
    • Monthly number of deposits and payouts: Another important metric that helps monitor and understand the flow of money throughout the platform. It also covers the comparison of wallet income with monthly payouts.

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      What to expect from the industry’s standard dashboard analytics?

      Each provider will put a custom spin on the dashboard menu, but some elements are to be expected immediately upon launching the platform. On the main screen, most dashboards feature charts with platform critical values and the ability to choose the time period for the collected data. Among the most popular statistics, there are the number of clicks, conversions, revenue, payout, profits and unique clicks. The submenus should allow you to review your affiliates, advertisers and various offers. You should be able to access platform logs containing all player transactions and your affiliate billing status. Detailed reports will provide in-depth information on your players – their country, type of device, operating system, connection type, and possibly more. Your gaming metrics will help determine game popularity by displaying the total number of bets in any given period, as well as wins, withdrawals, deposits, bonuses and more, helping you make informed decisions about the specific titles you find best for your platform and its audiences.

      With a careful, analytical approach, these and other statistics will serve as your guideline for maximizing the effectiveness of your iGaming business.

      Raporting – data-driven decisions

      Simply releasing a casino to production and showcasing it to the world is never the goal in itself. The real achievement of goals begins now. The entire logic embedded in the casino’s code is designed to support business processes, analytics, and consequently enhance player satisfaction, increase engagement rates, and boost CLV. By relying on proven data aggregation tools:

      • GA4
      • GSC
      • Hotjar

      and analytical solutions

      • Looker Studio
      • Tableau
      • Power BI

      that allow for real-time interpretation, we create reports that, in addition to data, contain clear conclusions and business insights. 

      How to interpret metrics and base business decisions on them

      Interpreting casino platform metrics is a vital skill for operators who want to optimize their services and drive sustainable growth. Each metric offers unique insights into player behavior and the effectiveness of different strategies. The number of active players indicates how engaging and entertaining your casino platform is to keep players returning. A high number is positive, showing player loyalty and the platform’s appeal. New player registrations help evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies and market expansion efforts— a surge in new signups might suggest successful promotional campaigns or a favorable market response. The churn rate, or the rate at which players stop using your platform, offers insight into customer satisfaction and retention efforts. High churn rates may signify an issue with customer experience or game offerings that needs addressing. The usage of bonuses and promotions reflects their pull in attracting and retaining players. If underused, it could indicate the need for better advertising or more attractive offerings. Monitoring the monthly number of deposits and payouts helps in assessing the financial health of the casino and understanding the players’ betting behavior. Game-specific metrics like the popularity of different games, bet sizes, and win rates provide data on trends and preferences, offering opportunities for game optimization or diversification. Together, these metrics deliver a holistic view of the casino’s operation, guiding informed decision-making.


      Understanding and interpreting the wide array of data points generated in the iGaming industry can, at first glance, seem an overwhelmingly complex task. However, the insights such measures offer extend beyond mere numbers, forming the backbone of strategic planning and allowing operators to anticipate and respond to market trends, customer preferences and the overall gaming journey. Through continuous monitoring and comprehensive analysis, these crucial metrics illuminate the path to improved operations, superior customer experiences, and sustainable business growth.

      Together, we’ll determine the current vulnerabilities of your platform, swiftly implement necessary data reports.  Contact us!

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