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Transforming data into valuable insights

Transforming data into valuable insights

Support – alert for the most urgent changes

An additional element that supports making correct business decisions is AI-based support. Here in the market, we have many solutions that help manage the entire complex player support process. Among the leaders are solutions such as BPO, Zendesk or Livechat).

Proper analysis of this communication channel with players is one of the most valuable aspects as it highlights areas for improvement on the platform. These are the most crucial insights because they come directly from the players. How we address individual issues and whether we can implement systemic changes as a result may impact not only one player but everyone grouped within the same user segment. Support actions should always be reflected in global statistics – very often, casino operators spend time “coming up with” new elements for the casino, forgetting about implementing actual ideas coming from the players. 

The above elements are integrated with an admin panel that, besides basic data on website traffic and conversions, also enables the examination of retention rate, CLV, user journey, and game result analysis, such as measuring popularity. Based on this, it establishes player segmentation and facilitates personalized marketing communication. 

The right organization of player support:
Player support and a quick reaction to their needs are not just costs, but also a potential for profit. Positive player experiences in customer service may lead to a positive message transfer about the casino, which will attract new players. Effective customer service is key for every online casino. Too few such establishments use this aspect to generate profit.

When planning the support department, it is important to remember to correctly prepare its structure. The structure of the department depends on:

  • the method of segmenting players: new players will need different kinds of support than VIPs
  • the method of classifying types of inquiries (depending on difficulty): properly determining issues and scaling their difficulty allow for the establishment of action protocols for every line of support and ensure the effectiveness of procedures
  • the channels of communication with the players: omnichannel support is the answer to different player preferences in terms of the methods of communication. Alongside the multichannel aspect of the support department, there is also its multilingual aspect.
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