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Turnkey online casino development

Turnkey online casino development

Have you ever experienced the thrill of winning a lottery, or the wonderful sound of coins hitting the slot machine’s tray as the patterns aligned in the correct order? Have you ever put your luck to the test in an online casino, or wondered how it would feel to be the owner of such an iGaming business?

The recent health crisis has pushed most industries even harder towards online migration, and the demand for casino website software has also reached new heights. There has never been a better moment to enter this industry, and if you ever wondered what it would take to set up an iGaming business, the team at createIT can build a state-of-the-art turnkey online casino for you.

What turnkey solutions give you

You receive everything you need to get your iGaming business up and running. We listen carefully to your ideas so that your vision becomes ours, and provide you the best options to fulfil your goal. From design, through development, implementation to marketing and maintenance, we deliver either the entire package, or just a select few elements, depending on your needs.

Turnkey casino development process

There is no simple recipe for the creation of a turnkey online casino. The process is complex and includes many ideas, people and systems.

A good approach is to carefully plan the division of all the applications cooperating within the system. If a team is small and aims at creating a prototype, then another approach could be to start from a single monolithic application with internal divisions into separate contexts so that later, when the platform expands, it will be possible to separate them. It is not an easy task to create these divisions, as we want to have microservices that are as small and as easy to maintain as possible, but at the same time, we want to avoid duplicating responsibility and data. These divisions have to be flexible to some extent. Once the application starts working on a production server, the implementation of these changes will be difficult.

It’s worth to think about scalability from the start – specify those components that will grow the most, e.g. the number of bets (slot spins) will constantly increase at a very fast pace, and it may be worth to designate a separate service for this process with a separate server and database, which could be scaled separately.

This data may also be required in other parts of the system, e.g., to display some history logs or reports, to calculate the current account balance, or to see whether the user is eligible for any discount because he played a certain number of games.

Another important subject is security and the limitation of access with reference to teams. If several teams work on different parts of the system (e.g., because some element is outsourced), everyone should have access only to the required elements. For example, there is no need for the person that designs the website for the end user to have access to the algorithmic part which calculates who should win and when. The separated parts of the system should act as black boxes communicating with each other through the API.

To sum up this part – we begin by dividing the site into components. We develop them and verify the divisions before the solutions are scheduled for the production server. Knowledge and experience are key to anticipate the problems that might appear when the solutions are finally pushed to production.

Features of turnkey casino solutions

The functionalities of your gaming establishment will depend on your vision. Here are some sample features and services that we could develop for your online casino:

  • agreements with the best game providers, integrations with the best games
  • automated testing to ensure stability
  • user account and wallet functionalities
  • a complete log suite, including payment logs, providers, game history
  • bonuses, seasonal events
  • custom currency on site
  • scalability
  • compliance with different jurisdictions and legal regulations
  • igaming/casino oriented SEO
  • 24/7 technical support for both the site and players
  • original game creation
  • digital marketing

Casino License

This document is your key to establishing the casino legally. Our legal team can handle all the necessary processes surrounding its acquisition. The laws are different between countries and jurisdictions, and the USA is also a separate case, with different iGaming laws for different states.

Casino Marketing

iGaming is not an easy niche to advertise. If marketing activities are performed incorrectly, they can do more harm than good. We have a dedicated team for marketing that knows every trick in the book to help your online casino make it to the top of search engine results pages.

What Clients say

  • “We have known createIT for many years. We already worked previously when creating a B2C platform dedicated to online entertainment. During that cooperation, createIT proved that they know everything there is to know about multi-level platforms, high stakes, confidentiality and data security”

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Still not convinced? Have a look below at some of the frequently asked questions we receive.


Are turnkey solutions for casinos legal?

Yes, provided that your iGaming establishment complies with the iGaming regulations enforced in the location where you want to register it.

Does your casino software solutions come with a license?

During the information collection phase, we ask the client about the jurisdiction he would like his turnkey casino to be set in (or we propose the location). Basing on that information, our legal team prepares all the necessary paperwork. Your casino can be available in multiple regions as well, but has to be adapted to different iGaming laws.

What currencies and languages can I use?

This is usually dictated by the jurisdiction where the casino is registered.

Can I customize my casino after the development phase?

Absolutely! We provide scalable and flexible solutions and once we do our part, if you would like to continue on your own, we give you all you need to further manage your casino.

Are the included payment methods safe for me and my customers?

We provide only trusted and reliable payment processors, such as Adyen and paysafecard, which will be known to many of your customers.

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