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Crypto casino solutions – your gateway to the iGaming world

Crypto casino solutions – your gateway to the iGaming world

Whether its Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin or some other rising cryptocurrency, crypto-powered casinos continue to increase in popularity, with Bitcoin casino software paving the way. Digital currency has already penetrated many different types of industries and it was only a matter of time for iGaming to embrace this change.

Here at createIT, we have everything you need to bring your crypto casino to life, with the integration of the best crypto currencies of your choice, state-of-the-art and secure tech, original games, 24/7 support for the platform and its players as well as digital marketing services.

Features of Crypto Casino Solutions

What makes these iGaming establishments different from other seemingly similar online businesses? Non-crypto online casinos are often heavily regulated and a different iGaming license is needed for different jurisdictions (regions, countries, or states in the case of the USA). The use of cryptocurrencies negates a lot of the limitations both for the casino provider as well as potential players. The latter can enjoy access to a bigger variety of games, and can expect an overall better user experience than in regular online iGaming establishments.

Some of the benefits of using crypto instead of regular currencies are:

  • Anonymity – better personal data protection when using cryptocurrencies to play. You are not obliged to record your crypto transactions in bank statements and similar documents. If your credit card is hacked, criminals can steal both your identity and your money. With Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies, no sensitive information is necessary – there is no requirement for personal data in Bitcoin transactions. Also, no personal data is associated with your Bitcoin wallet.
  • Zero or almost zero cost – transaction fees can be a pain, but the Bitcoin network is free as it does not use intermediaries. It’s up to you whether you would like to pay for an accelerated transaction.
  • Decentralization – Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are open source, meaning that contrary to credit cards, they are not tied to any particular bank or organization. Your currency is in your hands and transactions are under your control as there is no central authority.
  • Improved security – with government or military-grade levels of encryption, you can be sure that your transactions with Bitcoin are safe.
  • Lightning fast transfers worldwide – with no bank to act as an intermediary, you can transfer your currency to other parts of the world within minutes.
  • Inflation resistant – there is a hard cap on the number of Bitcoins to be produced, and the growth of the currency is predictable. This eliminates the problem with regular currencies, which governments can print as they please.
  • It may be tax-free – while some countries have already prepared legislation for Bitcoin taxation, there are many countries where the currency remains unregulated in terms of taxes.
  • More power to the casino owner – using Bitcoin means your platform runs an integrated payment processor, separate from any bank, which gives you more transparency and control over transactions . You can issue payouts to your players more quickly – which they will surely appreciate – top up accounts, and monitor your users’ balance.

What your Bitcoin Casino will include

Here are some of the features that we can provide for your bitcoin casino:

  • Integration with crypto – we will set up the entire infrastructure for crypto processing, be it for Bitcoin, or/and a different cryptocurrency of your choice.
  • Scalability – we approach the project with growth in mind, building durable and scalable casinos. This means new features can be added or expanded as the trends of the industry evolve and change.
  • Security – the state-of-the-art tech is used not only to create the visual side of your establishment, but also to provide the safest possible solution both for you as the owner as well as your players.
  • Compliance – with Bitcoin’s decentralization, there are usually fewer regulations than with regular online casinos. Regardless, rest assured our lawyers are here to prepare all of the necessary paperwork.
  • Cutting-edge features – our experienced team will make sure your establishment follows the latest trends in iGaming in the best way possible, with the most popular features and games from the most reliable game providers.
  • Top-tier design with a focus on User Experience – our UX focused approach will reduce the hassle for your players, making sure they can focus on what they came here for – the thrill that only a casino can provide.
  • Best casino features – loyalty programs, seasonal events, special offers and discounts, welcome packages, referral programs – all of the best features will be here.

Best games for best players in your Casino

Variety is the spice of life and your crypto iGaming platform will provide the best games on the market – colorful slots, spinning wheels of fortune, roulettes, classic and original dice games, jackpots, baccarat, poker and other card games. Choose from a variety of reliable game providers or order the development of something completely new and stand out from the crowd. Either way, rest assured your crypto casino will cater to most if not all iGaming tastes.

Customizable Bitcoin Platform

Start small or fire on all cylinders from the beginning, either way your establishment will grow thanks to our flexible and scalable bitcoin casino software. You will be able to add or remove games and functionalities as you see fit and quickly adapt to the ever changing trends. Monitor your player activity through a variety of statistics available in your admin panel to know what works best for your platform and transform your bitcoin casino software accordingly.

Compatible solutions within our broad casino portfolio

Throughout the last 5 years, we delivered more than 10 successful casino brands using a variety of technologies. With nearly two decades of experience on the software development market, our team of over 100 specialists is proficient with a variety of frameworks. Either leave it to us to select the most appropriate technology for your crypto iGaming site or propose the solution you think would work best.

Turnkey Bitcoin Casino

We can work on an a single element of your crypto iGaming site, but we are equally capable of providing the complete solution, which is our preferred way. From the concept, through development, to implementation, digital marketing, maintenance and expansion – we provide the ultimate Bitcoin casino solution.

Contact us

Reach out to us using your preferred method, and let’s start working on your next great project!

Still not convinced? Below you will find some of the frequently asked questions. If you haven’t found your answer, our consultants will happily clear any doubts.


Are crypto games popular?

Yes! Crypto games have already been on the rise even before the 2020 outbreak which stimulated the migration of businesses online. Today, crypto is rapidly developing with an increasing number of businesses accepting this form of currency, and online casinos were quick to embrace it.

What are the perspectives on the market?

Statistics show that an increasing number of people prefer to play from the comfort of their homes, and the market has been booming in recent years with no signs of stopping. There has been no better moment to take part in the excitement.

What type of crypto games do you offer?

Slots, jackpots, wheels, roulette, baccarat, poker and other card games, table games and dice. We can also create an original game for you.

Do you offer any crypto payment system?

Yes. We provide state-of-the-art and secure crypto payment methods.

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